One to Two Course Catering

One of our most popular menus is that of our spit or barbecue catering package. This menu is perfect for birthdays, corporate events, Christmas parties, engagements and even christenings. Enjoy your event just as much as your guests, with Barbehire as we take care of the food. Our menus will make your mouth water in seconds!

Cooked Freshly on Site

Our succulent barbecues are cooked freshly on site. Our experienced chef will serve freshly cooked meat with piping hot barbecue sauce or tomato sauce. Rest assured that your guests are given the best right down to the condiments being served. We never skimp on quality when it comes to food.
Remember you can choose our standard barbecue menu or even upgrade to one of our gourmet barbecues.

The Whole Package

This package comes complete with four freshly prepared salads and fresh bread rolls with creamy butter. Your guests get to enjoy their meal in comfort using our crockery plates and stainless steel cutlery. We even look after the washing up. Even the serviettes are included! We can even add an appetiser or dessert from as little as $3.95 per person.
We will provide you with plenty of delicious delights for your guests to enjoy. You can choose from a juicy, tender buffet- 195x 300 spit roast that is cooked freshly on site. Your guests will marvel at the sight of the meat turning slowly over the charcoal fire.They will relish in the smell of the mouth-watering aromas that are drifting throughout the neighbourhood. Your spit will be the envy of the neighbourhood or chosen destination in which your event is being held.