Three Course Spit or BBQ Menus

These are versatile menus and ideal for large gatherings. Included in them are appetisers, main course and desserts with tea and coffee. They are great for weddings, engagements, corporate events and those events where you just don’t want to lift a finger. Everything is included in our service to make hosting your perfect party easy!

What’s on the Menu?

We will include the following for you for these menus:
  • Real crockery and cutlery – washing up included!
  • Choose from our menu or make one yourself
  • Main Course – cooked freshly on site
  • Desserts – healthy or naughty
  • Full service
  • Optional Tea and Coffee
  • Staff included!
  • Appetisers – hot or cold or both (marinated mushrooms, baby octopus and chilli calamari)